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AGE:  25
CATEGORY: Entrepreneur

Anika Joseph is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Women’s Empire. Her sense of leadership and driving purpose go far beyond her authority.

Anika learned very early on the values and benefits of taking initiative. So for her, taking action before action is required, is necessary. One would describe Anika as multi-talented, as she “wears” many hats.

Anika holds a Master’s in Public Administration degree with a concentration in Healthcare Management & Policy. As the Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Empire, Anika is responsible for providing leadership, guidance, strategic direction, and creating the foundation for Women’s Empire’s purpose, vision and mission.

This role requires her to ensure that Women’s Empire is appropriately governed and business is being conducted professionally both internally and externally. Anika‘s passion lies in empowering women and girls in NYC to attain success. As a Caribbean native and a New York resident, Anika recognizes the significances of working together to overcome challenges for both women and girls.

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