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CATEGORY:  Cultural Leadership
PROFESSION/ORGANIZATION:  Branding Consultant/Max Expressions

Katara “Ludi” Phelps was born and raised in Tampa, Fla by her Cuban-American mother, Dr. Ramona Burrowes, a Radiologist and, now owner of Tampa Bay Basic Training. Young Katarawatched her mother work daily to support her family. She was a true community leader, providing jobs and education to many immigrants of the United States.

At a young age, Katara always knew that she would do the same (and more) however, in the Entertainment Industry. From age 3, ‘Kat’ began taking dance classes of many cultures from Ballet, Hip Hop, Indian, Capoeira, Traditional African and Afro-Cuban. Post High School graduation; Katara moved to Orlando to pursue a career in dance. She danced at Sea World for Sesame Street Character Shows (Rosita), Company Member of Center of Contemporary Dance and professional cheerleading in the American Basketball Association League (ABA).

In 2012, Kat moved to Atlanta, GA to finish her Dance Studies at Brenau University in Gainesville,GA. In addition to her dance career, Miss Phelps has started her own boutique marketing firm; MASXPRESSIONS. Here is where she uses her love of the arts together with her brand management skills, to promote and manage local and international artists. Her move to Atlanta also led her on another life-changing journey, as she became a member of; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, INC.

Although, estranged from her father, of Bajan-Jamaican decent; Katara wanted to tap more into her Caribbean roots. Falling in love with Dancehall/Reggae/Soca; made Kat fall in love with the entire culture of Carnival. Naysayers warned that Jamaicans- yet alone Americans, could not create mas. However, that did not stop Katara as she started her very own Mas Band. MasXpressions was the next level to Katara’s career. She began to work with major Caribbean acts such as; Neka Leslie, Teddyson John, Bruk Up, Doug-E-Fresh, Patrice Roberts, Alison Hinds, Bodine Victoria, Konshens, Christopher Martin, International/Machel Montanos’-  DJ Stephen and many more.

Katara has taken on the challenge to mentor young Caribbean Americans Students; by providing new business mentorship, teaching various children dance classes and partnering with students of the AUC.

Moving forward full speed ahead, Katara is now working on her Non-Profit 501c3, for students with all cultural background. Her goal is to host a center where “A Kid can be a Kid and; an Artist can be an Artist”. Katara is the present and future of Philanthropy on the Caribbean Community, all while taking on a new role at Victorious 89.1; as an Asst. Executive Manager of the up-and-coming FM BAND, right here in Atlanta.

Katara Phelps believes that her purpose in life is to continue to be a missionary of the Caribbean culture globally. Through the Arts, Philanthropy, Community Leadership with; love, passion and grace is how she will presume with her mission.