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AGE:  29
HERITAGE:  Trinidad & Tobago
CATEGORY:   Agri-Youth Empowerment

Keron Bascombe is the creator of Tech4Agri a start-up that seeks to provide a stable support system for Caribbean agriyouth through information sharing, advocacy, media, journalism, dynamic development & technology. He notes that there is no stable support system in the Caribbean for agriyouth & limited access to professional or practical development programmes. Agriyouth are a forgotten sector of the workforce. In 2016, three major development programmes in Trinidad alone, all became defunct.

How then are agriyouth to contribute to our food system? 

Building recognition in agriyouth development that Keron has run the Tech4agri blog for 5 years & counting. It highlights tech, innovation, research, entrepreneurship, youth, climate change, science etc. in agriculture. A follow up media production featuring these topics & innovatively made using mobile journalism, has aired on SynergyTV, a local television station.

With these outlets providing up-to-date info we motivate & empower agriyouth. The services of Keron and his team are unique in that they are the first in the region to actively use mobile journalism for agriculture and related sectors. Their work in social media & content production are new to the sector giving them the role of technology stewards in terms of social media, ICTs & use of the mobile device in agricultural activities.

Through his efforts Mr. Bascombe is changing existing negative perception that agriculture has through new media while simultaneously promoting agri journalism and communications as a viable career path for agriyouth.