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AGE:  24
HERITAGE:  Jamaica
CATEGORY:  Community Leadership
PROFESSION/ORGANIZATION:  Director of Quality Assurance and Commpliance/Caring Hub, Inc.

Orane Douglas is a full-time student obtaining my Masters in Public Health in Health Policy and Management and full-time Research Data Specialist working with Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, time is his most valuable asset.

He spend his additional time adding value to his community in Atlanta and his home country of Jamaica through local and international health fairs.

He became connected to Caring Hub, Inc., through a cancer patient at his job,  who was also Jamaican.  They spoke about about their passions they had to go back to Jamaica and improve the health outcomes of individuals there. Orane immediately joined the group and focused his energy on growing it to make the greatest impact possible.

A year from joining the organization, he was appointed the Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance and am responsible for overseeing the growth strategy and operations of the organization to ensure that we connect to a greater amount of people.

Over the past year, the comany has grown from a newly-recognized 501c3 doing local and small-scale mission trips to donating more than 10,000 supplies valued at more than $100,000 US Dollars to a hospital in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. With partnership, the hospital was able to open a new operating theatre to better serve the population. Additionally, we held a community health fair in the New Market area that provided more than 200 people with medical, dental, and nutritional services.