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AGE:  25
CATEGORY:  Cultural Leadership

Saiyidah Morris was born in Brooklyn, New York to Guyanese parents. Music always played an important part in her life. She started playing mas when she was just 2 years old. There was something about the reverb and the joy that soca and calypso would bring to masses, that resonated for years to come. A love for live music as a whole, evolved throughout the years as well as a curiosity of the machine behind it.

Upon completing her Undergraduate studies at the University of South Carolina, Saiyidah relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Music Business. After a brief apprenticeship as a tour manager, she quickly realized to wanted to influence the music industry on a more broad scale. Saiyidah’s motto is “the more you learn the more you earn.” While this plays true to many aspects of life, she uses this adage to help musicians create a financially sustainable careers out of their craft. In 2014 she created NL and officially Founded the company in 2016. Saiyidah is currently fundraising and developing the mobile application.

While playing mas has always been a joy, Saiyidah dreamed of having her own mas band to teach younger generations of Caribbean Americans about their history. The summer of 2016, that dream  became a reality for Hollywood Carnival when she debuted Motley Mas.

As our music and culture gains more global reach, she also hopes NL will be the platform that helps advance the business of music in the Caribbean. While aiming to stay ahead of the industry’s needs, she remains part of it by managing Caribbean DJ-Freeze International.