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AGE:  28
HERITAGE:  Jamaican
CATEGORY:   Entrepreneurship

Shamir Saddler is a Jamaican national who was nominated for exceptional leadership and service as an entrepreneur and community leader for the following reasons.

In fall of 2011, Shamir assembled a group of student leaders and founded a non-profit organization entitled the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia Caribbean Students’ Association (DMV CSA). 
This organization was created to to provide a medium of interaction between Caribbean students throughout the tri-state region, and act as a governing overhead structure for Caribbean students on issues including sustainable development, economic development, academia, leadership, community service, and entrepreneurship.

Shamir graduated from Howard University in 2012 with a BS in Computer Engineering. He has worked for Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Jibe, and has now founded his own organization rooted in the technological advancement of the Caribbean region. Starting off as the sole designer and engineer of the initial prototype for a learning management system (LMS) innovatively created to support the educational structure of the Caribbean, he was later able to form a team that would ultimately build out the platform and cultivate the company. The LMS platform now serves as a one-stop solution for schools across different countries in the Caribbean.